Monday, July 1, 2013

Halfway Through The Doctors

We are halfway through the amount of Doctors there will be by the end of the year. We are also very close to the end of the classic series. Fans are content now with the knowledge that despite the use of familiar villains and locations, and indeed the fact that it is the same continuing story, the only thing that can always be expected is change. This is something the new fans will have to get used to when the show returns in 2005. In 2013 many are still struggling with it.

1987 brought a new credits sequence and a new all synthesizer theme arrangement. The Doctor's regeneration happened at the beginning of the first episode, with Sylvester McCoy playing his predecessor in a wig as he begins to regenerate. Colin Baker would not return to film any episodes leading up to the regeneration. They say he was offended at being replaced so quickly. The Doctor has Mel and then Ace as companions. Before the show ends in 1989, we see the return of The Master, the Daleks, the Cybermen, The Rani, the Brigadier, Sabalom Glitz, and another visit to Coal Hill school. In the last season we also begin to see a darker side of The Doctor.

I plan to review the first episode, "Time and the Rani" and the last episode, "Survival." I am considering either "Paradise Towers," "Dragonfire," or "Happiness Patrol."

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